2010-10-26 Bus With Wings

Years ago, I lived in Glasgow and had a job in Edinburgh. I sometimes got a train into the centre of Glasgow, then the bus out to Edinburgh.

It was a strange experience. The regular travellers would be asleep long before the bus had left the city limits, and more often than not there was a head lolling on my shoulder after the first few bends in the road.

I never managed to sleep on the bus.

Anyway, this experience was called to mind when I flew to Stevenage today. Before I got this job, I associated EasyJet with drunken stag and hen parties, but it is amazing how many business travellers there are on flights like this. And they seem every bit as used to the flights as those bus passengers from years ago.

Nobody has fallen asleep on my shoulder yet, but this truly is a "bus with wings"