2010-11-04 I Can’t Hear You

You may be glad to know that I am now entirely bored of posting photographs of my own face, and shall restrict the practice as much as possible!

When I was at University, a lecturer once asked the class what was the biggest machine in the world. People guessed at ships, oil rigs and mining machines, but his answer was "the global telecommunications network". And while I may quibble with the use of the word "machine", it is true that that network is a remarkable feat of engineering.

Travelling? There’s hardly anywhere in the world that you can’t receive a signal. And whether you look at landlines, mobiles or satellite phones, all can connect to each other simply by typing a number onto a keyboard. Truly astonishing technology.

So today’s picture celebrates the international telephone network. A wonderful thing, all the more so since it keeps me in gainful employment.

It truly is a~ ama!z~~#..~~~NO CARRIER