2010-11-21 St Andrews Cathedral

View on black here.

Tonight I went to St Andrews to see the Students’ musical theatre putting on a wonderful performance of Spring Awakening.

I deliberately went a little early to try to grab some photos. When I got there, I found that it was slightly raining, and it was bitterly cold. And the buildings that I thought were illuminated at night, weren’t!

So it was time for a long exposure. This one, of 30s, was taken with my faithful old Canon 350D, the kit lens, and a Gorrilapod to hold the camera in place on the fence of the Cathedral. The warm, rich orange light comes from a couple of streetlamps, and the movement in the cloud is testament to how well the Gorillapod did in holding the camera still.

I have to admit, I’m rather pleased with this one.

The show, BTW, was outstanding too!