2010-11-23 The Bright Side Of Autumn

After a smaller fight than usual I managed to get the kids dressed, breakfasted and out the house this morning, got into the car and stated driving to work. I became aware of my phone persistently beeping, with the "appointment" tone.

So, I pulled into a layby and glanced at the phone. Apparently I had an dental appointment – in Stirling – in an hour. Luckily I wasn’t yet on the motorway, so I joined it to head westbound rather than going east.

I got to the Pirnhall junction of the M9 with about half an hour to spare, so went for a drive along a little road just off the A91. When I looked over the field towards the A91 and the Wallace Monument beyond, I knew that I had my photo of the day. The warmth of the morning sun brought out all the nicest aspects of autumn, unlike yesterday’s picture.