2010-12-09 The Wicked Witch of Stage Left

In panto there is normally a good fairy and a bad witch. And I invite all you pagans to tell me why that’s pretty symbolic.

Anyway, the good fairy lives at Stage Right, because God sits on the Right Hand Side. And yes, I don’t believe that fairies are part of Christianity, so maybe she should be an angel. But I digress.

The Bad Witch lives at the opposite side of the stage – the "sinstre" side… stage left.

And this is our Bad Witch, at the end of the very successful first night of the pantomime at the Dunblane Centre.

I have to apologise to Gillian. As a photographer, this picture is technically pretty awful.

We have on-camera, very small flash. Hence the excessive brightness of the subject.

We have different colours of light between the flash and the ambient light in the room.

And yet, through all this, Gillian’s elegant beauty, perfect poise and unchallenged sense of style shows through.

Thank you, Gillian, for allowing me to take this photograph! And well done – you did a grand job tonight!