2010-12-29 Falkirk Steeple

This steeple seems to be a symbol of Falkirk, but I confess I have yet to find out why,

Never mind.

About three years ago I bought a Canon Ixus 860 IS. A beautiful little camera, but with one fatal flaw – it switches on way too easily, and the delicate lens mechanism can easily be damaged if that happens inside something like a camera pouch, and the motor tries to push the lens against an unforgiving fabric wall.

I’ve had the lens mechanism repaired several times, but it has now gone well out of guarantee and I had gained the impression that it was broken again. I took the camera into town today and – while it’s not clear from this photograph – the lens is still damaged.

Shame – it was a beautiful little camera. Getting it repaired out of guarantee would cost much more than buying a replacement camera 🙁