2011-02-04 Gardrum Burn

In the Scottish version of English, the word "burn" is used to mean "a small river or stream". According to wikipedia, this in fact comes from old English, where the word was spelled "Bourne", and traces of it can still be found in the name of towns like "Bournemouth" and "Ashbourne"

Well, this is the Gardrum Burn. It starts in the Gardrum Moss, just west of California. It flows under the Union Canal, then at the bridge where Nicolton Road crosses the Glasgow – Edinburgh railway line, becomes the Gilston Burn. As such, it flows north until it ends in the Milhall Reservoir, which forms an interesting water hazard on the 7th hole of Grangemouth Golf Course (which incidentally receives great reviews as one of the best municipal golf courses in Scotland).

This photograph is taken as the burn flows under the canal bridge, beside Nicolton Road. Normally, the burn is merely a trickle, but here you can see the force of the water brought about by the rain we have had today. I had hoped to take many pictures of the effects of the rain today, but my small SLR is not waterproof and is not even insured. Having two cameras fail on me within a week might be seen as careless!