2011-05-18 (Day 265) In A Country Churchyard

These are the remains of the mediaeval St Bridget’s Kirk, in Dalgety Bay, Scotland.

According to wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Bridget%27s_Kirk) it was already built by 11 Mar 1178. It was substantially rebuilt in the seventeenth century, but in 1830 lost its roof (it can be quite wild on the coast) and was replaced by another church built around half a mile inland.

The building is now a ruin, owned by Historic Scotland but not especially protected in any visible way. While I was there a couple of young lads turned up, carrying their plastic bottles containing what looked like cider. Sad to see, but to be fair there is very little evidence of recent damage to the church, so maybe the locals are sensible enough to avoid wrecking the place.

I would rather like to get appropriate costumes and an appropriate model, and try a shoot here with some semi-see-through "ghosts" walking in the grounds. Getting the costumes may prove tricky (or expeinsive) though!

The church has an interesting collection of gravestones… the oldest I could find was 1631.

A pretty place!