2011-05-29 (Day 276) Dunblane 7.5 mile Road Race

Okay, this is MY Project365, and I’m running it by MY rules.

Today, I ran a 7.5mile road race in Dunblane in the teeth of strong winds, and my Dear Daughter and Dear Wife were kind enough to stand at the finishing line and wait for me. So since this picture, taken by Jenni, was of me, I claim it as a legitimate part of MY project 365.

This is me finishing, in a time of 1:02:47, position 137 out of 254 finishers. If I look knackered and flat footed, there’s a good reason for that 🙂

Weather conditions were not great. A strong wind blew in our faces for a good part of the run, and I have to admit I struggled to keep focus for such a long run. An incomplete GPS track is at www.endomondo.com/workouts/12159229

Anyway, thanks to the organisers for a meticulously organised race – I really enjoyed it. The ultimate goal for all of this is the Glasgow Half Marathon on 4-Sep… but the short term goal is a warm bath and a nice glass of wine!