2011-05-30 (Day 277) Linlithgow Cross Well

This is a detail from the well at Linlithgow Cross. I rather wish now that I had taken more pictures of the well, but I was on the way home from work, parked on a double yellow line and wasn’t wanting to take any chances!

So, according to the Historic Scotland web site about the well (http://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/sc-37367-the-cross-cross-well-with-pedestal-and-co), the well is an exact copy of a previous one which had been damaged. This newest version was made in 1807, and apparently sculpted by a one-armed stone mason!

I do not know what the tableau shown here (on the west side of the well) represents. Clearly, it is some kind of pastoral scene. A person – male, I think – is interacting with a dog… Does anyone have any insights? (As a side note, the town crest of Linlithgow features a black bitch tied to a tree, and people born in Linlithgow are entitled to be called black bitches).

So, that’s it… but there may be more to come from this site!