2011-06-24 (Day 302) Last Day of Primary School

Today was the last day of school for this academic year.

For Cameron, finishing P5 is all about the upcoming school holidays. For Jenni, it was more significant. Today was her last day of Primary School. In August, she’ll be starting the at the High School.

I think that someone at the school must have a theatrical streak; the who leavers’ assembly was run in a very emotional way. The entire school went to the local church, there was a little comedy sketch by a few P7s, a few more discussed their "favourite memories" from their seven years at Primary. There was a (very entertaining) sermon from the minister, a slideshow of "then and now" photos of the kids, and some songs from the Primary 7s.

This was one of the songs, "Heroes". Earlier in the year, the "enterprise" part of the school curriculum had raised money for Help The Heroes… the song and slideshow here recalled that work.

All told, a very emotional and well-run event.

And that’s seven years since Jenni went to primary school. Wow.