2011-08-18 (Day 356) Getting Near The End Doesn’t Make It Any Easier…

Today was a very busy day, and I really struggled for a POTD. And with a kids’ pre-birthday party in the house, which was quite chaotic, it was really hard to concentrate on anything. The one idea I had had turned out to be a bit of a disaster, and I began to worry I wasn’t going to get anything sorted out.

Luckily I came across this old Rubik’s cube. I used to be able to do the cube, really quickly. It wasn’t that I "got" the 3D motion; rather I bought a sheet containing the solution, learned what to do and practised doing it really quickly. Now, I can barely remember any of it.

Nine days left to go… but as with the Rubik’s cube, that doesn’t mean it’s getting easier. In fact, I want to make every remaining shot a cracker, and pressures of time make that hard. But I’ll get there!