2011-08-25 (Day 363) South Queensferry Negative

So, I had today’s shot all planned out. I was going to walk across the eastern side of the Forth Road Bridge until I could stand perpendicular to the Rail Bridge, then create a spectacular polar panorama.

Only… the eatern footpath is closed.

I understand that this vital piece of Scotland’s infrastructure has to be repaired, but really… do you need to impact my Project 365?

So, I found myself in South Queensferry trying to retrieve something from the ashes, and I shot this. Then, when I was processing it at home, I accidentally hit Ctrl-I (inverse) rather than Ctrl-Alt-I (resize). And I liked the result.

So… here is a negative-ised view of the Bridges from South Queensferry. It had better be the last view of the Forth Bridges in this Project 365!