2011-08-26 (Day 364) Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Ev’ry day as you do what you do ev’ry day, And you see the same faces who fill the café,
If some of those faces have new things to say, Nothing is really diff’rent

364 days ago, on 27th August 2010, I started this project pretty much on a whim. My first photgoraph was taken from the viewpoint laytby just east of Newton village, and was of the mist-shrouded Forth Bridges.

This morning, a year on, and once again the bridges are shrouded in mist.

I do have a "B Side" from today, but the coicidence of the mist was just too nice to resist… so I have one final picture of the Forth Bridges in my 365… though you may have to look quite hard to see ’em!

Today’s B side: