2011-09-05 (Day 374) Downing Point

Dalgety Bay is a fairly sizeable village on the north side of the River Forth. It seems to have very little in it except houses, but what makes it special is its riverside location (at this point the river is over a mile wide, so it might as well be sea-side!)

I would love to live here, but my wife doesn’t like the area and so we don’t. Which is fair enough; there are places that Marie would like to live and I wouldn’t, so we compromise.

Anyway, this picture was taken at Downing Point, Dalgety Bay. It’s a kind of headland that sticks out into the river, and is a nice place just to go to relax once in a while. It is dominated by huge vertical post, probably about ten metres tall, which I believe maks the landing point of an underwater cable.

Today, when I was taking the picture, I noticed this little plaque that I hadn’t ever seen before, so I decided to make that the main subject of the photograph.