2011-10-08 (Day 407) Press Conference

For one scene in the Limelight Productions’ productions of "Chess" I was playing the part of a reporter. For most nights, my prop was an old Canon film SLR, with a Centon flashgun on a bracket, and it looked really cool. But on the final night, I replaced the old camera with the 5D, and shot some real pictures.

What quite impressed me was how much this looked like the real kind of melee you see when a celebrity is trying to deal with the press.

From left to right, we have

– the "minder" of the Soviet Chess champion, clearly not happy with the media interes

– the mayor of the town where the championship is being held, irate with the comments made by the rude American chess champion

– the Soviet Chess champion, quite unprepared for this onslaught of press attention

– just peeking over the Societ’s head, another minder

– the CIA operative managing the American chess champion

– the American chess champion himself

This was a great show; great fun and great people. Thank you, everyone in Limelight!