2011-11-19 (Day 449) Callander Park Lake

Today was Parkrun day. Most Saturday mornings I take part in the Falkirk Parkrun, where we run round a measured 5k course in the rather pretty Callander Park, which is in the centre of the town.

Today, however, I had volunteered to help out with the organisational side of things. I was the "position numbers" person, which meant that I handed people a barcoded token as they crossed the line. That token is then used to work out the race timings.

All of which was lovely, but it of course meant that I didn’t get to run. So instead I ran to the park, and then ran back home afterwards. And that in turn meant that when I saw this scene, the only camera I had was my phone…

To be fair, it did an okay job of capturing the scene – especially with a little help from Photoshop.