2011-12-10 (Day 470) A Small Adjustment


It’s a peculiarly British form of theatre, mocking theatrical traditions that almost nobody remembers now.

The juvenile male lead – called the "Principal Boy" – is played by a young woman, normally in very short shorts and leather boots. Meanwhile the "middle aged woman" role – the Dame – is played by a man. Who has to strike a difficult balance so that the audience reacts towards him with the sympathy they would naturally show to a female, yet at the same time he must never be any kind of a drag queen, and the audience must never forget that he is in fact a man.

And this heady mix of lesbianism and transvestism it put on for… children. Who else?

In the UK, it’s regarded as a national treasure In many parts of the USA, I suspect it would have you put in jail tout de suite!

In addition to the problems described above, the leading man also has the problems of dealing with unaccustomed underwear. And how does one keep one’s fake boobs in place and properly balanced.

Easy – you ask another cast member to help out. And you just hope that there isn’t anyone with a camera nearby….!