2011-12-30 (Day 490) EICA, Ratho

A final visit for this year to the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena in Ratho – if for no other reason than to try out the new climbing harness that Cameron got for his Christmas (thanks grandma!)

The Centre was suffering from storm damage – you can see the damage to the roof at approximately the centre of the image. But since the day itself was calm, the walls to the left and right of the damaged area were open. At the left, a gaggle of climbers negotiate some of the treacherous overhangs of the lead-climbing wall, and on the right the slab wall is being used – probably by some of the less experienced climbers.

The big lumps in the centre are for "bouldering" – this is climbing on smaller walls, without belayers or harnesses, where the focus can be entirely on technique and building strength.