2016-05-14 (Day 135) Country Roads…

The single-track road turns steeply downhill as it crosses the railway line.

There are embankments at both sides – not just any old embankments; these are the remains of the Antonine Wall, the great earthen barrier intended to cement the Romans’ hold on their Empire’s northern flank.

In the distance, the brightly-coloured fields reflect the evening sunlight and show the crops they are growing.

But perhaps the most remarkable thing about this location is not what is in the picture, but what you see if you turn 180 degrees and scramble up this earthen fortification. For then you would see the Grangemouth oil refinery, a structure that would do Blade Runner proud.

But no, here everything is quiet. Crops grow, the country road remains all-but unused and in the adjacent fields, the sheep may indeed safely graze.