2016-05-15 (Day 136) Day Two Thousand!

This is the 2,000th posting to my Project365 blog, and I thought I should celebrate with something a little bit different.

Project365 started back on the 27th of August 2010. I kept it going for that first year, and when I got to 27-Aug 2011, I just kept going. It continued until about May 2011, when I made the clear decision I was going to set it aside for a while. Marathon training was taking up an awful lot of my time, and I was doing a lot of travelling – something had to give.

The project stagnated through 2011, but I picked it up again in 2012… it has been going ever since.

So, what is it for?

The benefit of a 365 is to make you open your eyes and look around. Find something photographically interesting every day. I guess I’ve done that now. Or perhaps not, maybe what I am shooting is just dross – photographic Muzak. I know there are photographic skills that I want to pick up that I haven’t, and at least part of the reason is that I spend so much time on the 365.

But on the other hand, I do enjoy looking back at the photos I have taken.

So, will it keep going?


The full archive is at http://project365.thepotters.org