2016-06-28 (Day 180) Battle Of Falkirk Muir

On 17 Jan 1746, the Jacobuite army of Lord George Murray fought with the English armies of Lieutentant General Henry Hawley on the hills above Falkirk.

Hawley initially refused to believe that the Jacobites could be close, and remained in the nearby Callendar House. When he eventually arrived hatless and at the gallop, battle had been joined.

Over the course of that day, Murray routed Hawley, killing well over three hundred of the English troops and taknig a similar number captive. But in the end the Jacobites rested too long in Falkirk and lost the momentum, allowing Hawley to reorganise and build his strength in Edinburgh.

This monument to the battle was erected in 1926 but has not been well tended and is crumbling and in need of repair.