2016-10-13 (Day 287) Brooklyn Bridge

Over on Reddit, I had been recommended to get up early some day and run the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. Today was the day.

So, I got up at 0600, got dressed in my running clothes and went out. I walked to Times Sq Subway station and took a “1” line train to Chambers Street. And, with only a little difficulty I found my way on to the Brooklyn Bridge, which has a pedestrian path above and between the two carriageways.

Well, I part-ran and part took photos. This being one of them.

Once I got to the south side of the bridge, and was officially in Brooklyn, I asked for directions from the Police Officer who was on duty on that part of the bridge. He directed me to stay on the footpath and take a left onto Tillary, which I duly did. From there, it was a gentle run north over the Manhattan Bridge, getting some wonderful golden-hour views of Manhattan.

The only mishap was when I was in Worth St, and trying to work out how to get back to the Subway Station. There I tripped over an uneven paving stone and measured my length on the pavement. No real damage to me, but I did rip my favourite running leggings.

Oh well, it was still a lovely run!