2016-12-31 (Day 266) Happy New Year

We had a few friends over for Hogmanay, so thank you to Martin for stepping out to the back garden to snap this picture of Marie and me.

So, thta was 2016. An eventful year in a number of ways; some things for good, some things for ill. Just like everyone else, I guess.

I hope that everyone who has been following this little project has enjoyed the pictures.

I don’t know whether the project will continue, or for how long. There are times I could do without the hassle and time of trying to find something to photograph, yet I am also reluctant to give it up.

Maybe I’ll try it again next year, but mix it up a little. I have an idea that it might be interesting to try a couple of mini-challengess, e.g. a week where I’m allowed to do nothing more than resize, or try a week where I resurrect the old 35mm camera and see what it can do.

Anyway, for now, Happy New Year!