2017-02-10 (Day 041) Sheriffmuir

The Scottish hills are famous for their treacherous weather. In the shortest time, conditions can change from warm and sunny to cold, wet and windy. Every year we read of climbers – even highly experienced, skilled mountaineers – being caught out, sometimes with tragic consequences.

I had an appointment in Stirling today and drove home by way of Sheriffmuir. On the way, I stopped to grab a picture. I parked the car and went to where I thought there would be a nice running picture to be had. It looked beautiful, with the warm golden light of sunset illuminating the snow-brushed fields. So I went back to the car, changed into running clothes and grabbed the tripod – and in that time the light had changed entirely. Where it was warm it was now cold and drear.

That picture wasn’t going to work, so I went along the road a little and found this little bridge. I used my camera’s “remote shutter” system, where I could trigger it from my phone. Sadly, it appears only to shoot JPG when you do that, so I have not been able to process the photo quite the way I wanted. But even so, it is a lovely spot. I’ve never run there for real, maybe some time I shall have a go. In spring time, when there’s no snow on the ground!