2017-02-22 (Day 053) Battlefied Tram Shelter

I fond myself at the south side of Glasgow today and while there took a picture of the Battlefield Tran Shelter.

This was built in 1915, the flagship shelter of the tram company. As well as being an up-to-the-minute art deco design of building it had comfortable seating, loos and a kiosk where one could buy newspapers and other essentials.

Over time the tram service ceased and the tram shelter gradually was abandoned. In 1981 it was listed after a local campaign, and it has now been brought back to its former glory – this time housing a Italian restaurant. Rumour has it that the owner plans to put a replica tram outside the restaurant in the near future.

In the background, to the left of the restaurant, the old Victoria Infirmary. This massive site is no longer used as a hospital, and battle rages among developers, residents and the council as to what should be done with the site.