2017-04-30 (Day 120) Time For A Change

Please read on for an important note about my Project365

TL;DR: See you in June.

I started this Project365 back on 27 Aug 2010. Every day from then until 01-May-2012, I took, edited and posted a picture. At that point I stopped because I needed to train for the marathon and I was simply running out of hours in the day.

The 365 didn’t really resume until 01-Jan-2013. And from that day to this, I have taken a picture every day, and even if the processing and the posting has taken a couple of days I have stuck to the “photo a day” theme through these years. Some of the photos have been rubbish, some quite good, lots somewhere in between.

Some things have changed. I have added a couple of new cameras; my kids have grown from being just that – kids – into well rounded young adults of whom I am inordinately proud. I have a dog! Some things are the same – I’m still happily married to my lovely wife Marie, I still drive the car I bought back in October 2010. I still take photographs and I still run them all through Photoshop before they are published.

And it’s that which has started me thinking. How would I do without Photoshop? Am I really a photographer, or is this really just like my day job – working things through on the computer until I can make them right?

So… for May 2017 I am going to try something a little bit different. I have dug out my old 35mm SLR, and I am going to take exactly one photo per day. After I have taken my photo for 31-May I will send the film to Snaps Photo Services (http://www.snapsphotoservices.com/) to be developed and scanned. When the scans come back to me I shall do nothing more than resize the images, and add date / time information, titles and comments to them. If they are good pictures, great. If they suck, well… they suck.

The camera is a Canon EOS 500N. I bought it from G D Young in Falkirk in approx. 1997, just a few years before the digital revolution. With the camera, I bought a Tamron 28-200mm lens that I thought was great. True enough, it was fine when a “big” print was 7″ x 5″ – but when you look at the pictures on a high-res monitor, well, let’s just say I’ll be using my modern Canon L lenses this coming month.

As for the film, Tess has spared me the agony of choosing the Kodak or the Fuji film. She grabbed the Kodak off the kitchen table just as I was tidying up after this picture, and she chewed it very enthusiastically. So I’ll be shooting Fuji.

Wish me luck, then, and I’ll see you in June!