2017-05-09 (Day 129) Clackmannanshire Bridge

I was determined I was going to get a nice picture today with the sun setting through the pillars of the Clacks bridge. When I drove to where I wanted to shoot the picture, however, I found that the railway crossing I had planned to use was for vehicles only – pedestrians weren’t allowed, and my vehicle wasn’t authorised to cross.

A mad dash to find a suitable vantage point ensued, and as the sun gradually set I realised that I couldn’t find a good place to get near the water. Eventually I found myself at Kennetpans Distillery and followed some Land Rover tracks to the shore, just in time to get the remnants of the sunset.

**NOTE** I have cropped this into a panorama. Hey, even in the days of film we had scissors, so as far as I am concerned, this is legit.