2017-05-10 (Day 130) Stirling Bridge

The Battle Of Stirling Bridge was a critical event in the 1297 when Sir William Wallace and Sir Andrew Moray defeated the forces of Edward I. Since then the bridge has been rebuilt several times, with this current bridge having been built around the late 1400s.

Were I using the digital camera, I would have a bit more of the foreground in the picture – indeed, I had rather hoped that a jogger or cyclist would cross the scene. But there is a really ugly bright orange emergency lifebelt holder just on the river bank, and it really would detract from the picture – and my rules for this month wouldn’t allow me to edit it out.

I’m not complaining about the presence of the lifebelt holder, nor about the fact that it is coloured to be easily noticeable!

**NOTE** I guess the camera shoots a larger area than the viewfinder was showing me…