2017-05-19 (Day 139) Rave Run?

Remember I am writing these notes contemporaneously with taking the picture, so I have no idea how the picture is going to turn out… it’s quite nerve wracking, really.

My intention was to take a “running” picture. Now normally I would take about a dozen pictures, working out whether I was too early or too late, and eventually choosing one image. Not this time.

I took two copies of the picture, so today was one of my few days where I used a spare image from the film. It has 36 frames and there are 31 days in the month. Now I have 15 left to last 12 photo days…

The place I took the photo is also interesting. It is an island at high tide, but as you can see at low tide it is possible to walk out to this “island”. The island itself does not appear to have a name, as it is a man-made creation, a side-effect of the local coal mining industry.