2017-05-31 (Day 151) Cameras

So, that’s a month of film. I’ve shot my last image, and after doing so there was a satisfying whir as the film was wound into the canister. Now I have to pay for processing, put the film into an envelope and post it then wait for the pictures to be returned to me.

This is a selection of cameras, most of which belonged to my grandfather. From the Box Brownie, through various generations up to an early digital camera. All of which now sit, mostly unused. It was nice to bring a film camera back into use for a while.

But using the film camera, with a fixed sensitivity, made photo a day quite difficult. Restricting the number of pictures I could use in a day made it all the harder. It meant I missed decent pictures in the evening because I had taken that day’s picture early in the day, just to be safe.

And being unable to process them in Photoshop – just to fix simple things like the horizon being out of alignment – is more than a little frustrating.

Back to the digital tomorrow!