2011-02-19 Last Day

The most awkward part of any holiday is that last day, waiting for the flight home.

So we got up and finished our packing, then put our cases into what I am sure used to be a telephone kiosk beside reception (along with the cases of everyone else who was departing that day).

We had a couple of desultory games of pool, and walked around the balcony of the hotel (where I took this contra-jour photoograph) before going for lunch.

Not long after that, the coach arrived. We piled into it, and this time it was daylight as we negotiated the treacherous route back to the A41. What a road! Amazing hairpin bends and frightening overhangs… full marks to the bus driver.

From there, a transition through Geneva Airport, and a smooth journey back to Newcastle Airport. We checked into the Premier Inn, had a bite to eat from Greggs and I had a pint of cider.

Ah, it’s good to be home!