2011-06-28 (Day 306) On Holiday!

So… sorry to anybody who has been wondering where my Project365 has disappeared to over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been on holiday, and I’m not a great one for telling the world I’m about to leave the house empty for a fortnight! However, I’ll be trying to catch up soon… prepare for some cheesy holiday snaps!

This is Marie and Jenni at Glasgow Airport, waiting for us to be allowed to board our slightly-delayed Jet2 flight to Nice. We were delayed an hour or so; not nearly so bad as the flight that was twelve hours late a few gates further along the corridor. That one had Police keeping order!

Once we got on to the flight, everything went smoothly. We got to Nice airport (a fun place; the runway extends out into the sea, and you can’t see any land until the very last moment. You sit there, wondering if you’re really on a sea plane!), then it became apparent that I had lost my mobile phone.

Some sweet nothings then ensued between husband and wife…

We got a note of the airport’s lost property office phone number, then went to get our car. By now we were really late, and by the time we got to the camp site we were going to the only person we could find was the security guard. Luckily, he was able to raise a Eurocamp rep, and even though our car had to stay outside the camp site, we were able to get to our van and collapse for the night. Thank goodness that Eurocamp provided a bottle of wine on arrival 🙂