2011-08-05 (Day 343) Opening Night

So, let’s review the time line here. On Monday, we got together – about ten adults and one hundred and ten children. We started rehearsing on Monday and continued all the way through the week.

Tuesday, more rehearsing.

On Wednesday, the stage started being built in the evening. There were rehearsals during the day, but a significant portion of the day was taken up with photographs of all the kids.

Thursday, we ran more rehearsals while the stage was being built.

And on Friday, a few more rehearsals… followed by Opening Night!

The opening night went pretty well; there were a few technical issues and one fairly noticeable screw-up that won’t happen tomorrow. But we put on a full-length show with one hndred and ten kids, and it was actually something that the sell-out audience enjoyed watching. That can’t be bad!

Full kudos and thanks to the staff of the Dunblane Centre for putting up with this, but especially to Pamela Jarvis for being the driving force behind the whole show, and putting in an inestimable amount of work. Well done, Pam!

The picture is from the number titled "Belle"; I would have loved to be able to stay and take loads of pictures… but I had to be on stage quite soon after this, and I really needed to concentrate on that aspect of the show!

So… two shows tomorrow and we put Beauty And The Beast behind us. Then in September we start rehearsing for Panto in December!