2011-10-24 (Day 423) Calamity Jane

The Falkirk Bohemian Operatic Society was kind enough to invite me along to take photographs of its dress rehearsal for Calamity Jane this evening.

I tried a new experiment for this show. The Falkirk Town Hall is a little too small for the 70-200mm lens to work, and a little too large for the 24-105. So… I used the 24-105 on the 5D, and the standard kit lens on the NEX5. The NEX5 was set up on a tripod so that it could see the whole stage, and I just clicked the button. The 24-105mm I used when I was walking around.

The next stage is to get a mains adaptor for the NEX5, and I’ll be able to fire it by remote control.

Anyway, in the above scene, Calamity Jane is inviting Rattlesnake to leave her company…