2012-01-23 (Day 023) Alloa Musical Players

Another day where I was lucky enough to be invited along to photograph a rehearsal, this time it was Alloa Musical Players! They are putting on the great 50s musical "Return To The Forbidden Planet" in the Alloa Town Hall from 7th to 20th March, and I am sure it will be a great show!

This was the company photo. I am never very good at these, and this is only just adequate. Sadly I couldn’t squeeze the entire company into the space between the doors, so they will pollute the picture. The one thing I did right here was that one lady’s eyes were closed; I was able to take her eyes from another similar company shot and so "open her eyes" for this one.

Other than that, dull at best… and I clearly have way too much light on one lady in the front row!