2012-01-24 (Day 024) Fog Lights

Surprise, surprise it’s another Forth Road Bridge picture.

Although this time you might be forgiven for not instantly realising what it is.

This is the Bridge on a misty evening. The northbound carriageway is busy with commuters going home to Dunfermline and Dalgety Bay after a day working in Edinburgh. Southbound traffic is much lighter – many more people live in Fife and work in Edinburgh than the other way round.

It has been a damp and dreary day, and now the mist is in the air. The street lights valiantly try to light the road surface, but seem to expend all their energy in forming a few little cones of light. Drivers of vehicles on the bridge have to rely on their own lights more than usual.

Aye, it’s a good night to be at home…