2012-02-04 (Day 035) Strathclyde Parkrun

My phone contract came to an end this week, and I was offered anew Samsung Galaxy S2 free of charge if I kept the contract going. Which I happily accepted.

Even though they are both Android, the user interface on the Samsung isn’t as slick as that on the HTC range of phones. But the stunning huge screen makes up for it. And the camera?

Well… it’s certainly adequate (see above). But I’m going to be taking a real camera out with me for years to come, I think.

Anyway, this morning I went to the excellent Strathclyde Parkrun, where I ran my 5k in approximately 23 minutes. Weather was lousy, scenery quite pleasant and spoke to some nice folk – great morning. The scene above is before the start of the run, as people moved to gather at the muster point.

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