2012-03-31 (Day 091) Union Canal

I did a twenty mile run today. I thought I should mention this right at the start of this description in case I fall asleep before the end!

This photograph was taken at the most distant point from my house, on a bridge over the Union Canal just east of the village of Philipstoun. If you look at the map, this was half way between Philipstoun and the B8046.

In the distance, you can see on of the shale bings that this area is famous for. These are hills, largely composed of used shale.

Closer by, a fellow walks along the side of the canal. There was a Glasgow to Edinburgh Ultra marathon on today, perhaps a co-ordinated attempt to make my twenty mile run seem puny (did I mention I ran twenty miles?). He may have been taking part in that, but I didn’t see any race number on his chest.

This was taken with my phone. It’s not "straight out of the camera" – I have tweaked the colours a little as it looked too green to me

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