2012-06-22 (Day 142) Falkirk Retail Park

Okay… just for the record, this photograph was taken two days before midsummer’s day. Around 5pm. In the northern hemisphere!

This is Falkirk Retail Park. What interested me here was the roofing that has been put in place – these gsloping glass panels to allow light through but protect customers from the rain.

I thought they were really nice, but recently it was reported that they were having to be removed or replaced. Whether it was because the huge volumes of snow brought them closer to their loading limits than the operators were comfortable with was not made clear, but that was a local rumour.

However, the work of removing the panels has had to be suspended after some customers became worried about large glass panels being moved while the centre was busy with customers.

So now we appear to be in something of a stalemate… which is okay unless the weather is as rainy as it was today… when a walk from Boots to Argos got me entirely soaked!

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