2015-01-25 (Day 025) Hairspray Cast

I had the great pleasure of photographing the cast of Hairspray, to be performed from 17-21 February. The show is performed by Limelight Productions, in the Alhambra Theatre, Dunfemline.

From what I saw and heard during rehearsal, this is going to be a tremendous show, and tickets are selling well. You can order yours on 01383 740384.

From a technical point of view, this photo presented a bit of a chellenge. There simply was nowhere with enough clear wall space to avoid cruft in the background, and it was raining outside so that wouldn’t have worked. I hate the clutter in the background.

Maybe next time I should bring a ten yard long piece of white cloth and a massive curtain rail 🙂

All best wishes to Limelight for the show. It’s going to be weird coming to see it rather than being on stage, but I’m really looking foreard to it!