2017-02-16 (Day 047) RailwayLines

This was not a fast train passing through – it was in fact the train on which my wife was arriving from a day in Glasgow, and it was stopping at the station. But a half-second shutter speed gives an impression of speed.

What I noticed here was that everything seemed to be about lines – even the little circles become lines as they fade into the distance!

And a B-side too: 

Back on 25-Jan-2016, I posted a picture that looked very like this one. I said I was going to start stretching more, and see if I could improve my flexibility. I said I would post evidence of my progress.

I didn’t. I didn’t feel as if I was improving, so I didn’t post anything.

Today, I decided I would try measuring my stretch to see if it had improved.

I lined up the camera and tried taking a picture as close to the one from 2016 as I could. To my surprise, it looks as if I have improved a bit. If we assume the rule is in approximately the same place, I was at 23cm back in 2016 and am now at about 18.5.

Still a long way to go, mind…