2017-02-25 (Day 056) Cross Country

Today I had planned to take part in an “Aerial Silks” taster session, where I would get a chance to try hanging upside-down from strips of cloth. Sadly my cold made sure that that wasn’t going to happen, and I spent most of the day at home instead.

However, I did have to go into Falkirk, and on the way I noticed some people running on some muddy parts of Callander Park. I went back to find out what was going on, and it turns out that this was the National Cross Country Championships.

I think I heard the announcer saying that these runners were in the Under-20 category. They certainly were impressive, handling short hills like this one, and equally steep downhills, as well as long sustained hills on the other half of the course. The route sounded pretty brutal, and these guys managed three laps of it – well done to them!

I was intrigued by the thought that this hill here may well be part of the Antonine Wall, the defensive fortification that the Romans built to keep out northern tribesmen. These attackers would have had to run this same hill, except from the other side (this picture is looking south from the top of the hill – that is, it is looking into the Roman side).

Different purpose from 2000 years ago, similar actions.

Same cold, same mud.