2024-02-17 (Day 048) Tannochside Water Tower

A dreich day today called for a grey subject, and when I converted the picture to greyscale I knew it was the right thing to do.

This is a water tower at Tannochside, near Glasgow. Its official title is the Uddingston Supply Reservoir. This is one of the eight or more towers dotted around Glasgow that were built to help manage and equalise the pressure of water coming to Glasgow from Loch Katrine. According to http://glasgowpunter.blogspot.com/2019/05/water-towers-of-glasgow.html the basic idea is that they are kept filled with water from Loch Katrine, and that way houses in the area can be confident of water at a constant pressure.

Given that their locations were selected for their hight above local housing, it is of course inevitable that they have become a popular site for mounting antennae for various radio systems. What intrigues me more is why it has a circle of windows near the top – does natural light help prevent the water from going “off” or is it to make it easier for foplk working on the structure?

From what I read, it appears that these structures are gradually being replaced by underwater reservoirs. But there is something appealing about their War-Of-The-Worlds like structures looming over their surrounding areas.