2024-03-06 (Day 066) Grange Burn

This is the Grange Burn, from which the town of Grangemouth gets its name. On the far side of the burn is Zetland Park, which deserves some photos and a write-up all by itself, but for now let’s look at the burn.

It is fed by several local water features that have been the subject of photo-of-the-day pictures in the past. These include the Westquarter Burn, which has an impressive waterfall at Westquarter Glen, and the Polmont Burn, which flows through Polmont and joins the Grange Burn at the bottom of Cadger’s Brae.

At this point, near the Grangemouth Sports Centre, the burn looks very “managed” – it runs very straight in a channel bounded by very artificial-looking embankments. And then a little further north it makes an extremely un-natural looking right turn before flowing into the Forth.

This area is all going to start looking different soon as the massive Grangemouth Flood Prevention Scheme gets underway. More on that to come too!