2024-03-07 (Day 067) The Crown Of Thorns

St Michael’s Kirk stands beside Linlithgow Palace. It mostly dates from the 15th century, thought it was extensively rebuilt in the late 1800s, with the church being rededicated in 1896.

When this happened the church’s tower was too weak to support the original steeple. In 1964, in place of the steeple an aluminium structure was added to represent the Crown Of Thorns. In spite of being initially opposed by residents of Linlithgow, the Crown of the kirk became the symbol of Linlithgow and a much-loved feature of the town). Interestingly the minister who organised the Crown Of Thorns was the Very Reverent Dr David Steel – father of the Liberal politician of the same name.

Since then the timber supporting the crown has rotted, and a campaign was formed to raise money to repair it. That work is now underway.

Apparently the crown was originally a gold colour, but that wore away. Any time I have seen it, it has been a silver colour. But no more – as part of the work the aluminium has been re-clad in bronze alloy. This should not tarnish and will leave the Crown looking out over the town, whose motto is “St Michael is kind to strangers”.