2024-03-31 (Day 091) Looking Towards The Bathgate Hills

I have often admired this view, but I don’t think I’ve ever posted in on my 365 before. This is the view from the highest point on the road between Standburn and Avonbridge, looking roughly south-east.

At the left hand side of the picture you can see a radio mast – I’m pretty sure that this is sited at the top of Cairnpapple, Cairnpapple is an amazing historic site; archaeologists have found axe fragments from stone age civilisations here, as well as evidence that it was a bronze age burial site.

Further round, the distant Pentland hills can be seen, and further round to the west a huge wind farm – possibly the Pates Hill Wind Farm? And just short of that, I think we can see the Five Sisters pit bing.

I think I should come back here with a longer lens – I am sure that there will be detail to pick out in the distance! But in the meantime, I’ve just been enjoying the beautiful view!