2011-06-09 (Day 287) Rosyth Dockyard

As an engineer, I loved this location the moment I saw it. There’s just so much structure going on!

In the distance, the Forth Rail Bridge – an incredibly impressive collection of steel girders, riveted together with rivets of a size that beggars belief. Slightly closer than that, the simple elegance of the Forth Road Bridge.

Closer still, the Babcock building with its regular structure of floors and the stairs going between those storeys. Then the hull of of one of Britain’s new aircraft carriers – either HMS Queen Elizabeth or HMS Prince Of Wales – and then "Goliath" – the largest crane in the UK, standing at 68m. Perhaps sadly, this was built in Shanghai and transported to Rosyth by sea.

Finally, we have various buildings, and even the lamp-posts and fence, all created by humans, all with structure to hold them up and hold them together.