2011-06-22 (Day 300) TV Aerials

Today was a (minorly) significant day for Scotland. No, I’m not meaning the fact that I reached day 300, important though that is. No, today’s the day that the final analogue TV transmissions in the country were switched off.

We now all are watching "Digital TV" – a digitial bitstream sent over the air in a 64QAM OFDM modulation. In the process, our signals are now 16:9 aspect ratio, we have lots more SD channels than we used to, we have three HD channels and still have some space in the spectrum left over, that the government would like to sell – if only anybody wanted to buy it.

Anyway, in honour of that Itook a photograph of a couple of TV aerials. And underneath, a satellite TV dish. Seriously, why are we throwing away MEGAWATTS of RF power on terrestrial TV broadcasting – why not just a few satelllites transmitting on a few tens of watts, and give satellite dishes and installations free to each household that doesn’t already have one? I’m sure we’d save a fortune, really quickly!