2011-07-30 (Day 337) Leafleting!

As anyone who has been folowing this Project365 will know, I am about to tke part in a production of Beauty And The Beast. This will be a "show in a week" at the Dunblane Centre. We gather on Monday morning and put on a show on the Friday evening. Wow!

We recently were given permission to give out some advertising leaflets for the show in the Thistles shopping centre, Stirling. Because of the short notice, however, only a few f the adult cast could go. And since the three characters you really want to see from this show are Belle, The Beast and Lumiere, a little bit of costume swapping had to go on.

So that is how I found myself in the Thistle Centre, dressed as The Beast, on a glorious Saturday afternoon. Gillian was of course Belle, and Leigh borrowed Lumiere’s costume for the day.

The reactions from the public were great! We had loads of people asking to have their photographs taken with us – not just kids – probably more photos taken with adults than kids! And people seemed genuinely in the show too – I wonder how many will come?

Clearly I didn’t take this picture, it was taken by Pamela, the director and organiser of the show. Thanks, Pam!